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African Glam! feat Virgos Lounge

Munje Foh

Hello good people!  I hesitated a while before sharing these pics (I had a sty underneath my eye that I was super self conscious about) but I decided that this Virgo's lounge dress was too fab not to share.  Virgos Lounge is a Nigerian owned brand that is based out of London.  VL curates and designs fabulous vintage and vintage inspired pieces like this "Trophy" dress that I'm wearing.  I wore this to the bi-annual Pujehun Dance, a charity gala thrown by the Pujehun District Descendant's Association, which was organized some twenty years ago with the goal of assisting the Pujehun District of Sierra Leone as our people grappled with the civil war.  Although the war is over, the organization is still going strong and the Pujehun Dance is always well attended and contributes greatly towards medical care for the District.  Organizations like PDDA are a great example of how our people have once triumphed over tragic circumstances and brought order out of chaos and I have every belief that we will do the same in the wake of the Ebola outbreak.  I had the huge honor of being asked to present my uncle, Dr. Joe Nuni, with an achievement award for his contributions to the district, so I tried to go all the way glam with my look.  What do you think? Mission accomplished?

Trophy Dress - Virgos Lounge, sold out  

P.S. I'm all for using one's interests or passions to champion a good cause.  Some friends and I have brought our non-profit foundations together to raise funds for children in Sierra Leone who have been orphaned because of the Ebola outbreak.  Our campaign is called "Fashion Does Good" and we are collecting fabulous items from well known and regularly known donors and then auctioning off the items and contributing 100% of the proceeds to the shelter, care, education, food and clothing needs of the children.  We have done well with short term fundraisers for Ebola relief in the past (see story here) and we want to build upon established relationships with local partners to continue supporting Sierra Leone's most vulnerable in their time of need.  Please email me if you'd like to contribute in any way.