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It's a Takeover Part 2: Siata's Style

Munje Foh

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for checking out part two of Siata's style:

Style is something that I've always possessed, even from a young age.  Maybe it was the effect of my fabulous aunties whom I looked up to while growing up in Sierra Leone, or the pride my parents took in making sure I looked presentable as a young child.  Either way, I find that style comes instinctively to me. However, it wasn't until I was age fourteen and in high school, which I attended in the US, that I began to develop my own personal style.  That was when I became conscious of designs, cuts, trends, etc that I liked and were flattering for my body type.

The culture at the time, as well as the media, had a significant influence on how I dressed but as the years passed I became more confident and started adding my own personal touch to my oufits.  I like to take risks with fashion and I enjoy wearing different types of looks and pushing  boundaries.  I don't know if I can narrow my personal style into a single category.  My style is still evolving and it will continue to evolve.  That is what I find to be the beauty of fashion and style.  What I do know is that dressing up makes me happy.  Even if I'm having a bad day, I know that my outfit most likely isn't (lol).  Much of my inspiration comes from people I see everyday.  If I see an outfit that moves me, I will tweak it and make it my own, combine two different themes from the outfit and create a cohesive look, or it will urge me to become more creative.

My second look is an eye catching peplum dress from Kadiatu Kamara's collection for Printex.  Kadiatu is a Sierra Leonean designer who owns the store Vivid Emporium in Freetown and is creative director of the brand Kadiatu Couture.  Printex is a Ghanian owned textile producer and this fabulous dress was born when Vickie Remoe (Printex's lead on all advertising and creative projects)  asked Kadiatu to design a line using Printex fabric.  This dress is creative, structured and feminine all at once and I love the unique design.  I paired the dress with gold sandals from Macy's, a gold bracelet from H&M, purple stoned studs and a Madam Wokie clutch