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New Year, Same Resolve

Munje Foh

Hello everyone!  I've been feeling really refreshed and excited about life since the start of the new year. I've never been huge on new year's resolutions because life is in continuous motion until you die so I don't believe that a new year or month is truly a clean slate.  For the most part you wake up with the same problems on January 1 that you went to sleep with on December 31st.  I do find lots of inspiration in the holiday season however and in people's resolve to accomplish more in the next 365 days.   This year I plan to work harder to find and cultivate my talents and use them create a positive impact in the lives of others.  I wish you all the support of the universe and a positive mind as your pursue your goals for the next year,  

On that note, the Foreign Market has some really exciting things in store for the new year!  Hopefully, you've already read about our work with the Fashion Does Good Campaign which will benefit children living in Sierra Leone who have become orphans because of Ebola.  For a limited time, you can support that campaign by shopping Madam Wokie accessories on our site.  Mary-Ann KaiKai, creative director of Madam Wokie has committed to giving 10% of all the proceeds of her accessories sold on this site to our Fashion Does Good Campaign and we couldn't be more grateful.  This is an amazing way for all of us to use things that we love to create a positive impact and I couldn't be more excited.  Lots of accessories have already been uploaded to the site and more are coming so please shop hard and shop early! We all know how quickly Madam Wokie's stuff goes!


Here I am casually sporting a Madam Wokie Beaded Foldover Clutch below:

Sweatshirt - DRC Apeparel, last season but similar here

Striped, semisheer button up - Forever 21 old but similar 

Shoes - Michael Kors available here

Leatherette pants - H&M old but similar here

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