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Music & Art

Music, art & entertainment influenced by Africa and its diaspora, from around the world.

Remember the Time

Munje Foh

This time last year I was newly engaged to the absolute love of my life, Tom. It was my birthday, and he planned with my best friend and cousins that we would take a trip down to Charlotte and they would help him pull off the proposal and then we would celebrate with my friends afterwards, since North Carolina is where I grew up. It was one of my most cherished moments in life, and in memory of that time I'm sharing our engagement video. Hope you enjoy! And if you are in need of an amazing photographer or videographer for your engagement shoot or wedding, please contact Cynthia Ndelo and Terrence Murray at or  

Looks and Sounds: Maki Oh + Temi Dollface

Munje Foh

Nigerian songstress Temi Dollface recently released a new collaboration album entitled Collectiv3, on which she released the song "School Your Face."  The lyrics of the track hint at the game of poker face that people sometimes play when they are unsure of the intentions of a love interest.  Temi teamed up with Amaka Osakwe, creative director of the women's fashion brand Maki Oh to design, style and shoot images that capture the essence of the song.  Temi described the shoot as a take on traditional dolls such as those from Russia and Japan.  View the full post to check out some of the photos and the music, below:

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Erykah Badu covers Drake's Hotline Bling

Munje Foh

I love Erykah Badu.  She's almost on Michael Jackson status for me, which means that I would defend her for totally unreasonable acts if need be, and I would gladly waste thirty minutes of my life arguing online with anyone who would dare to disparage her name.  All that aside, I can still objectively say that she is a phenomenal musician who brings peace, love and slow burning incense to any track that she touches.  Check out her new cover of Drake's "Hotline Bling" here:

The Freetown Uncut Series: Daniel Bangura

Munje Foh

Freetown Uncut is a Youtube channel that I stumbled across while being nosey on Facebook.  The about section of the page isn't very robust, but from what I can tell the channel features local Sierra Leonean artists participating in recording sessions and doing covers of popular songs.  I fell in love with this cover of Sam Smith's "I'm not the only one," by Daniel Bangura.  Daniel's soulful tone and West African accent superimposed on this British tune reminded me of music's powerful ability to communicate emotions across cultures and continents in a matter of minutes.  Check it out: