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The Basics of Iro & Buba

Munje Foh

Hi friends! It's been a while since I've done a style post and I apologize for the hiatus but I'm sorting out some big transitions in my life right now.  I do thank you all for bearing with me.  Since the weather is heating up I wanted to share one of my african style favorites, the Iro & Buba from Nigeria:

This is an old Nigerian style that has recently come back in vogue with lots of different interpretations.  Iro (the wrapper skirt) and Buba (the top) is a perfect summer style because it's typically made from very light weight chiffon fabric (as seen on me) or silk; both of which flow well with the summer breeze and allow you to keep cool.  The style is also versatile and can be tied two ways:

I kept the accessories and styling very basic in this post to display the beauty and versatility of the style eve without much adornment.  In my next few posts I'll display a few more ways to expand the range of this ensemble.  What do think of the Iro & Buba? Does it have a place in your wardrobe?


Iro & Buba - Frock it Rock it (of Lagos) for orders call/whatsapp: 234 - 708 036 7773 or email:

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