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Back to the Matter feat. 54 Kingdoms + Madam Wokie


Back to the Matter feat. 54 Kingdoms + Madam Wokie

Munje Foh

Happy hump day everyone! I hope the week is treating you well so far.  My overarching goal this year is to be more consistent in my effort to build a life that I love.  The reason why I started this blog was to promote value added products made by people of African descent.  This is important to me because I think its a widely held misconception that Africa doesn't produce many finished goods and is only good for extraction of raw materials.  Even more than that, people of African descent living in America are often told that they as a people don't produce many marketable goods and that because of this, currency isn't recycled within their communities making wealth creation difficult. I saw this blog as an opportunity to promote the beautiful things that we do create and to build partnerships for greater distribution of these products and ultimately, greater economic empowerment.  May God be with us all as we relentlessly pursue our dreams this year!  

Blouse - H&M

Skirt - Massai skirt in teal from 54 Kingdoms

Beaded Clutch - Madam Wokie

Shoes - Michael Kors

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