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Where do the Old Aso Ebis (Ashobi) Go?


Where do the Old Aso Ebis (Ashobi) Go?

Munje Foh

If there's one thing that I know how to do it's be a bridesmaid.  My Nigerian girlfriends literally sat me down this past summer and did a running list of how many people's wedding parties I had taken part in.  And with African weddings come aso ebi or ashobi (as Sierra Leonean folks say) which are the bundles of matching fabric that people close to the bride or groom purchase and then have sewn into unique styles to wear at the wedding.  This past summer I was a bridesmaid in two Nigerian weddings, and both brides used the same make-up artist, a lovely young woman named Lauretta.  So at wedding number one in July Lauretta and I met, she did a great job with my make-up and with her bubbly personality we were instant friends.  At wedding two, I arrived in the bridal suite to get my face done and I look across the room and there's Lauretta. She says, "Munje! You agaaaaaain!" All I could say was "yes it's me again, people pray for me and this forever bridesmaid business."  Haha! 

Any who, whether you're married or not ashobi is part of an African girl's life.  So what I have vowed to do, is to try to always sew my ashobi into styles that I can wear again and incorporate into other outfits.  Check out how I restyled this George from Chika's wedding below:

This is how I wore the George at Chika's wedding.  I had it sewn into a midi length circle skirt.

This is how I wore the George at Chika's wedding.  I had it sewn into a midi length circle skirt.

Sweater - Old H&M, but similar here at an additional 40% off!

Coat - Forever 21, Old but check their sale for similar

Bag - DOT Fashions

Stacked Heels - Old Michael Antonio

If you're getting married or just looking for a great make up artist check out Doll Faces by Lauretta (she's in NC) and for a great tailor to sew your fabrics into something that fits your personal style call Mr. Mohamed Jalloh 301-605-2592, he's in MD.

What do you think? Could you incorporate so old ashobis into your daily wear?