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Grown Woman


Grown Woman

Munje Foh

I turned a year older and a year wiser this week on September 4th, and along with turning thirty-something comes the undeniable fact that I am a GROWN WOMAN, as my birthday-mate Beyonce' would say.  The truth is, I've been a grown woman for quite a while, and although I'm not new to the status, I have developed a sense of purpose that has given me peace that I've never experienced before.

If you are a Virgo, or you know or love one, you understand that we are deeply passionate, yet desperately anxious people.  We all have some cause, or perhaps several, that motivate us and we work ambitiously towards the goals that we set for ourselves in furthering those causes.  The trouble with us, is that we can become frustrated to the point of dysfunction when we fall short of a goal, or when we reach a goal but fall short of the satisfaction that we believed that achievement would bring.  What I've learned, is that I need to focus more on being purposeful in my journey towards satisfaction and realizing that no matter how far or close am I to my goals, I am enough.  That means, consulting God before taking a single step towards anything that I want to achieve.  I pray the simple prayer; Lord, if this thing that I desire will bring me closer to the purpose that you have for me, then please grant my request according to your will.  Whether, my prayer is answered in the form I expect or not, I try my best not to discount a penny of my self-worth, happiness or peace of mind.  After all, your talents don't shrink or swell because you have a certain job title, material thing or partner, you were born with every talent that you need to achieve your dreams and nothing can change that.

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